Foreign Buyer

Foreign Buyers are permitted to purchase Australian Properties in many difference circumstances.  The Foreign Investment Review Board, which determines which properties are eligible, has recently relaxed its restrictions on foreign buyers.

It has never been easier for non-residents to acquire Australian properties and benefit from the potential growth in rental income and Capital Gain.

A number of helpful links are attached below.

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FIRB & Immigration Consultants

Link to the Foreign Investment Review Board website

Links to Immigration consultants that can assist with Australian Visas

Finance Providers & Brokers

Banks and Finance Brokers – in Hong Kong

Banks and Finance Brokers – in Australia

Legal Services

The following links are to Brisbane based Solicitors who can assist in handling your property purchase contract, and also if you are contemplating purchasing a business to support an Australian Visa application:

Commercial Legal Services

Queensland Exclusive properties can assist in identifying the right business for you and conducting due diligence.

Depreciation Consultants

Many new properties, if rented, qualify for significant depreciation allowances that reduce any taxable rental income.  Consultants that can assist in providing these calculations are –

Depreciation Consultants

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